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January 5th, 2006 - Hammer Time.

About January 5th, 2006

Life's gooooooooodddd 09:32 pm
Well, school started back on the fourth of January, and it's actually pretty good. I've got three new/different classes, I've got a new lunch, only problem is that there are noooooooooooo girls whatsoever. And I have computer lit. with the one and only Marko Christo. I'm also taking art which should be good. I've gotten some of my exams and semester greades back, and I did very well on them. And well umm, what else? No plans and nothin' to do this weekend, which is the first time in a while, who knows, maybe someone will wanna do something. Who knows? Well, that's a quick and sexy update from Dr. Love.

Enjoy bitches.
Music: Iron Maiden
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